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 Kit Description                  
 Unit size        
 HLA Class I Kits      
 HISTO SPOT® A 4D    726010    96 tests  
 HISTO SPOT® B 4D    726020    96 tests  
 HISTO SPOT® C 4D    726030    96 tests  
 HLA Class II Kits      
 HISTO SPOT® DRB1 4D    726040    96 tests  
 HISTO SPOT® DRB3/4/5    726045    24 tests  
 HISTO SPOT® DQB1 4D/ DQA1    726051    96 tests  
 96 tests
 24 tests
 Special Application Kits
 HISTO SPOT® Coeliac Disease
 48 tests
 HISTO SPOT® On-call Typing Kit
 10 tests
 MR SPOT® Processor
 Test Reagents
 HISTO SPOT® Reagent Kit
  96 tests  
 Additional Reagents
 HISTO SPOT® Conjugate
 HISTO SPOT® Blocking Buffer
 HISTO SPOT® TBS Wash Buffer
 HISTO SPOT® Stringent Wash Buffer 
 HISTO SPOT® Hybridisation Buffer
 HISTO SPOT® Substrate
 HISTO SPOT® Mastermix A (on request) 
 HISTO SPOT® Mastermix B (on request)
 HISTO SPOT® Mastermix C (on request)
 HISTO SPOT® Mastermix DRB1 (on request)
 HISTO SPOT® Mastermix DQ (on request)
 HISTO SPOT® Mastermix DPB1 (on request)  726086  1100µl
 HISTO SPOT® Mastermix DRB3/4/5 (on request)  726204  330µl
 HISTO SPOT® Mastermix Coeliac Disease (on request)       723203  6500µl
 HISTO SPOT® Magnesium Chloride  726087  600µl
 MR SPOT® Pipette Tips 1000µl  726099  10x 96
 MR SPOT® Pipette Tips 200µl  726097  10x 96
 PCR Plates  6551  25 plates

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