Custom Microarray Printing

Custom arrays printed directly into a micro well.

Microarray Printing

Print a low density array into the bottom of a micro well.

Target molecules are spotted directly into micro wells to generate a low density array that is easy to handle. Using micro wells, instead of glass slides, testing can easily be automated. The test wells are assayed in the ALDAS instrument which captures an image of the array result using colorimetric detection. The reactivity pattern is interpreted by bespoke analysis software designed and created by MCD.

Target Molecules

  • •  DNA & Oligonucleotides.
  • •  Proteins, Peptides and Antibodies.
  • •  MCD can design and develop target molecules or you can provide your own.

Array Specification

  • •  Printed into 8-well test strips which can be broken into individual wells.
  • •  Each well can contain a 15 X 15 feature array (up to 225 target molecules).
  • •  Customised surfaces can be implemented.


  • •  Consistent spot size and morphology.
  • •  Highly reproducibility between arrays.
  • •  Each array printed is individually QC checked.
  • •  Arrays are formatted to provide internal identification and traceability; test type, lot and batch number.
  • •  8-well test strips can be 2D barcoded.



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