ALDAS Overview

A complete molecular diagnostics assay system.

Automated Low Density Array System (ALDAS)

A complete molecular diagnostics assay system.

The ALDAS technology provides a complete platform to deliver, simple, rapid, fully automated molecular diagnostics, that can easily be applied to a variety of application fields including immunogenetics, immunology, blood banking and microbiology. MCD has designed and developed the 3 elements of the system and can offer a tailored solution to meet your individual assay requirements.

1. Microarray

MCD have made processing microarrays easy. Spotting directly into the bottom of micro wells removes the need to handle awkward membrane strips or fix gaskets to glass slides. The micro well provides a modifiable solid phase surface for the attachment of up to 225 unique target molecules.

Target Molecules Include:

  • •  DNA & Oligonucleotides.
  • •  Proteins, Peptides and Antibodies.

For a more detailed description of our array printing capabilities see Microarray Printing

2. ALDAS Instrument

The ALDAS instrument allows the complete automation of your assay. It performs all hybridisation, pipetting and wash steps. The resulting reactivity pattern is visualised using colorimetric detection and an image captured by the on-board camera. The image is then transferred to our interpretation software for results analysis. PCR based assays can also be fully automated by the addition of a thermalcycler integrated into the instrument.

Standard Assay Timings (including PCR)

The instrument offers the flexibility to process between 1 and 96 tests per run. High throughput testing is achievable using multiple runs per day.

  • •  Total hands on time < 25mins.
  • •  1 sample < 3 hrs.
  • •  96 samples , 4hrs.

For a more detailed description of our instrument see ALDAS Instrument.

3. Software

The ALDAS platform uses a specially designed image capture, analysis and interpretation software that can operate independently or may be linked directly into a LIMS. The user friendly software manages the workflow of samples through the ALDAS system and provides easy interpretation of your results.

The Software includes the following features: 

  • •  Data management: Convenient management of all relevant data regarding patients, samples, worklists, kits users and processors in a Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • •  Efficient Workflow Management: Create worklists and test layouts to enable simple tracking of samples and results.
  • •  Simple Results Analysis: Intuitive interpretation tools for reviewing and editing results.
  • •  Customised Typing Reports: Select from a set of report format options or ask us to help you design your own.
  • •  Network Capability: Communicate with the ALDAS Instrument from multiple workstations via your laboratory network.
  • •  LIMS integration: Data can be transferred to local laboratory systems with customised interfaces.

For a more detailed description of our instrument see Software Development.



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