ALDAS Instrument

  The ALDAS instrument allows the complete automation of your assay.

ALDAS Instrument

Walk away in the knowledge that every assay will be performed identically.

The ALDAS instrument allows the complete automation of your assay. It performs all hybridisation, pipetting and wash steps. The resulting reactivity pattern is visualised using colorimetric detection and an image captured by the on-board camera. PCR based assays can also be fully automated by the addition of a thermalcycler integrated into the instrument.


Open or Closed System

  • •   Open mode: New instrument parameters can be uploaded from an external software to aid new assay development.
  • •   Closed mode: The end user only has access to a menu of pre-programmed assays and cannot alter instrument parameters. Making the instrument compliant for IVD assays.

Assay Reaction Plate

  • •  Holds up to 96 test wells.
  • •  Heating and cooling using peltier units with precise temperature control (+/- 0.5°C).
  • •  Frequency of reaction plate shaking can be varied within an assay to ensure consistent washing.

Dispensing & Aspiration

  • •  Separate tip holders and aspiration pins reduces the risk of contamination.
  • •  Liquid handling in 4 wells simultaneously.
  • •  Fewer robot moves.
  • •  Reaction plate tilts on aspiration to protect micro array and minimise residual reagent left.
  • •  Fast removal of waste.
  • •  Waste pumped directly to a closed waste container.
  • •  Waste tips collected outside instrument using a tip shoot.

Image Capture

  • •  Camera can accommodate different lenses to allow imaging of both white and clear wells.
  • •  Mounted on the robot arm so that it can be used for reading 2D codes.

Operator Interface

  • •  Touchscreen with simple menu driven run set up.
  • •  Software calculates reagent volumes depending on number of tests.
  • •  Each step confirmed by user tick box entry to avoid set up errors.
  • •  Instruments checks tip availability and reagent levels before starting run.
  • •  On board PC allows full integration with local network.

Sample Traceability

  • •  Sample worklists can be linked to all reagents and test wells used in the assay.
  • •  External barcode reader enables all test wells and reagents loaded into the instrument to be recorded.
  • •  Camera mounted on robot arm can identify labware with 2D code, enabling the labelling of the tab of test strips, reagent troughs and 96-well PCR plates or 8-well PCR strips for enhanced sample traceability.



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